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PP International School organised a visit to Mughal Gardens for the tiny tots of Nursery and Preparatory on Friday, 10 February 2017 so that they can treat their eyes and enjoy the picturesque view of the Garden . Mughal Gardens are a group of gardens built by the Mughals in the Persian style of architecture which exudes serenity with distinctive breathtaking surroundings.

The students were elated to visit the Herbal Garden, Bonsai Garden, Rose garden, Spiritual garden and Bio-diversity Park within the Estate. They experienced a visual treat well manicured gardens, shady Banyan trees, bushes, vines and seasonal flowers. Roses were central to the fame of Mughal Gardens. The students delightfully beholded few of more than 250 celebrated varieties of roses, which make it one of the best Rose Gardens in the world.

They were awestruck to see the sunken butterfly garden that is a riot of different varieties of flowers with a beautiful round sunk fountain in the centre. The walls of the sunken masterpiece were adorned with bright orange hanging flowers. The fragrance in the air the freshness was captivating. The musical fountains also added to the beauty of the Gardens. The students were filled with merriment after their visit and they had a wonderful time.

Republic Day Celebration

The 68th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at PP International School on 25th January 2017. A special assembly was held at school to mark the importance of the day.

The commencement of the assembly was done by the young ones with a Patriotic poem recited in harmony, reflecting OUR DUTIES towards our nation and the country. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and gave a brief introduction about the Republic Day, which was further followed by an interactive session with the students in the form of a Quiz.

After that, a beautiful and encaptivating dance performance was given by the students of Grade III, IV and V depicting the feeling of patriotism which left everyone spellbound.

The students of grade VII presented a musical play titled “PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN” depicting the hardwork and achievements of the famous Indian personalities who have made our country proud such as Satya Nadela, Shiv Nadar, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, Sunder Pichai.

The prize distribution ceremony for felicitation of the winner of the National French Spell Bee Competition was held at the end of the assembly, which was the followed by hoisting of Flag and chanting of the National Anthem. The school echoed with patriotic fervor and to culminate the Republic Day celebrations on a colourful and patriotic note, the students were served delicious tricolored food reflecting the deep affection for the nation with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their minds.


“Victory is remembered for at most two decades; an act of good sportsmanship is remembered for a lifetime.” – Simon Nguyen

The much awaited event - Annual Sports Fiesta 2016 of PP International School was held on 25 December, 2016 (Sunday) at Polo Grounds, Kingsway Camp, GTB Nagar in a flamboyant atmosphere. The exhilarated parents and guests were welcomed by the senior students of the school.

Mr. Sushil Kumar an illustrious wrestler, who has made our country proud by winning a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics and a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics had graced the occasion as a Chief Guest to embolden the spirit of sportsmanship in the students.

The Chairman of the school, Mr. Rahul Gupta, an inspiring and enterprising individual, who has always encouraged the students to strive for perfection declared the meet open with a resplendent commencement.

The event flagged off with the welcome speech given by the Vice Principal of the school, Ms. Deepi Bector, who enlightened the parents with the importance of sportsmanship and sports ethics and the accomplishments of the students in the current academic session.

It was followed by a warm and hearty welcome by the tiny tots from pre-primary. The solemn oath ceremony was administered by the sports teachers and the senior students of the school. To mark the extravagance of the occasion, March past by the students of different classes from grade I –XI along with the school’s Bagpiper’s and Flute Band was done that exhibited discipline, unity and perfect coordination.

Reinforcing the Vision of the Chairman of the school, for the first time ever, a confluence of multiple events was showcased in the field at the same time to instil the concept of synchronization in diversity amongst the students, such as Soccer Races, Story yoga, Long jump etc. conducted at the same time in which the students displayed the art of multi-tasking, creating perfect harmony and team work by being a part of more than one event.
A string of spectacular performances by the students brimming with enthusiasm including Drill comprising of tricolour formations, Lawn Tennis and Basketball matches, giggling and wriggling sumo wrestling along with plethora of other activities were presented with utmost vigour and zest.

The loud cheers and applause captivated the entire surrounding. The winning teams / individuals were felicitated with medals and trophies by the Chief Guest, the Chairman, and the Vice Principal of the school.
The event concluded with the national anthem sung by everyone. The day was filled with exciting victories and near misses but ended on a cheerful note, heralding the year 2017, filled with promises and hope for all the young sports enthusiasts.

Parent Child Activity 2016

Children’s Day and Guru Nanak Ji’s Birthday (2016)

PP International School celebrated Children’s Day and Guru Nanak Ji’s Birthday with great enthusiasm by conducting a Special Assembly for all the students on Friday 11 November, 2016.

The celebrations began with few thoughts shared by the students as well as teachers on the significance of the Children’s Day and why it is celebrated nationwide. Various activities and events were organised and performed by the students and the teachers of the school. An exuberant dance performance was given by the students of Grade III.

The teachers shared their knowledge about the National Education Day specifying the significance of education in our lives. The programme was followed by a dance performance of the teachers dedicated to the students.

To celebrate Guru Nanak Ji’s Birthday, the students of Preparatory were dressed up as Sikhs and Panjpyaare and led a procession of Prabhat Pheri. The holy verses of Chaupai Sahib and Anand Sahib were recited by students and teachers followed by the Ardaas, a prayer to the superior authority.

Prayers were offered in faith for the welfare of students, teachers, school and the entire human race. The culmination of the special assembly was marked by a pledge taken by all students and the staff members that they shall follow the principles of Pt. Jawaharlal Lal Nehru and the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in order to lead a pragmatic and unprejudiced life. All the students and the staff members were given Kadha Prasad at the end.

Grandparents Day 2016

Grandparents Day – A day dedicated to the Grandparents who play an indispensable role in the life of every child. They are the child’s support and their best friend. They pamper the kids more than the parents and leave a lasting impression in child’s life. PP International School celebrated Grandparents Day on Friday 9 September 2016 with jubilation and enthusiasm. The event started with the welcome of the grandparents by a Dance performance giveen by the students of Nursery and Preparatory in their respective classes which dedicated to the grandparents by their grandkids.

Different games and activities were organised for the grandparents in the classrooms. The grandmothers were engaged in the activity of Tying a knot for the grandfathers and the grandfathers did the activity of making a Tiara for the grandmothers.

The Grandparents were overwhelmed and shared heartwarming stories about their bonding with their Grandchildren during the game Passing the parcel. Everyone was deeply touched by the strong bonds between the grandchildren and the grandparents.


Krishan Janamashtami was celebrated with great joy and fervor at PP International School on 24 August, 2016. The day was marked by the students dressed up in the costume of Lord Krishna, Sudama, Radha and Gopis wearing wonderful smiles on their faces making the true picture of Vrindavan, a place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days. Shri Premanjana Das, a devotee of the Iskcon Temple, Delhi addressed the students and told them about Shri Krishna's life and his thought so as to foster an understanding that our essential spiritual self transcends all designations of race, ethnicity, gender, and economic status—and that ultimately we are all children of God.He chanted few mantras with all the students. He also encouraged the students and asked them to appreciate the opportunity to grow to their highest potential — academically, socially, emotionally, and physically — all the while developing their spiritual identities in a nurturing and positive environment. The school premise was decorated with flowers, buntings, swings and pictures of Lord Krishna. The students presented a special assembly on Janmashtmi by enacting various roles from Sri Krishna’s life. Dressed in attire of Krishna and Gopikas, they spread the message of ancient Puranas and our traditional customs. The students also presented a dance as a part of Janamashtami celebrations and Aarti of ‘Lord Krishna’ in the end enthralled the audience. The performances were applauded and appreciated by everyone.

Independence Day 2016

The 70th Independence Day was celebrated at PP International School on Thursday, 11th August, 2016 with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. The students of the school displayed their love and spirit for their country with a special assembly.

The chief guest for the occasion was Ms. Raka Singh, president of NGO Urja Energy who addressed the students during the special assembly and motivated them by saying that challenges are a part of life and we must have the spirit to overcome them in any circumstances. The national flag was unfurled by the Vice principal of the school, Ms. Deepi Bector.
To pay respect to the freedom fighters and revolutionaries who endured hardships in jails to achieve freedom for the nation, the students presented a roaring performance through a skit based on India’s struggle for independence. The skit was followed by an exuberant dance performance full of energy and a wonderful recital of the song “Vande Mataram” sung by all the students, in a small way offering gratefulness and respect to the heroes who gave their lives for the freedom of our country. It was a great show and the spirit of freedom indeed soared high amidst the robust and energetic performance of the students!


P.P. International School staged its musical drama- “Metamorphosis” at the Sirifort Auditorium on 30 July, 2016. The event was commemorated by the Chairman of the school, Mr. Rahul Gupta, Vice Principal Ms. Deepi Bector and two of the most renowned bollywood personalities, Mr. Neil Nitin Mukesh and Mr. Darsheel Safary.It was a play that depicted the journey of a child from sauciness to cognizance and diffidence to confidence. The motto of the musical was to showcase that just like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, so does a child transmutes into a confident individual with proper grooming and nurturing.

Founders Day Celebrations of PP International School at Kidzania

PP International school on the Occasion of its Founders Day, organised an excursion for all the students to Kidzania, Noida - A global indoor theme park that is designed specifically to inspire, educate and empower kids, and provide them an environment to explore, challenge themselves and open their minds to new experiences.

The objective was to let them experience a unique enviroment in which they can enjoy and which stimulates creativity and logical thinking of the students and boosts their self esteem and self confidence levels.

Summer Camp 2016-17 Euphoria Chapter VI

Christmas Carnival

The school hosted the Christmas Carnival on 23 December 2015. The chill of the morning did not dampen the spirits of the young hearts. Festivities marked every inch of the school area. Gaily decorated assembly and ground area welcomed the surprised students. Various joy rides along with the magic show, puppet show, balloon shooting, bungee jumping, musical chairs and bouncy were organised for the students. Young feet tapped to the latest beats. As the sun shone brighter, the festivities became livelier. Students had a gala time and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Overall it was a boisterous triumph and jubilant way of ushering in the Christmas celebrations.

Sports Day (2015-16)

“The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else,” said Martina Navratilova. Apart from commemorating victories, sports meets also aim at imparting lessons on sportsman spirit and camaraderie to children.

The Annual Sports Fiestaof PP International School was held on 19 December, 2015 at Shivaji College groundin a frivolous atmosphere.

The event was marked by a string of spectacular performances presentedby thelittle champs of Pre- Primary who were brimming with enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

The chief guest for the occasion was Mr. Abhinav Bindra, an ace shooter and the pride of our country and the only Indian to win an individual gold medal at the Olympic Games at Beijing in 2008. An eminent sportsman and an achiever, awarded with the Arjuna Award and the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, he is truly an inspiration for the youth of our country and a true example of hard work and dedication.

Children’s Day

For most of us, our school days are the best days of our lives. On the occasion of Children’s day, PP International School, Pitampura organised “Reminiscence” a day at school, to experience those precious moments of sheltered and carefree life and innocent mischief, nurtured with love and concern.

The parents were invited to attend the school as a student with proper dress code, followed by a proper time table including academic sessions, meal time and co-scholastic activities.

The event was a super success with the overwhelming response from the parents who enthusiastically participated in it.

Parent Child Activity

PP International School organized a parent child activity session on 6.11.2015 where in parents enthusiastically involved themselves in making decorative Diyas, candle, toran, wall hangings, door hangings, jharoka, bandhanwar, ornamental thalis etc. with their ward.

Involvement of a parent in their children’s learning, not only improves a child’s morale, attitude, and academic achievement across all subject areas, but it also promotes better behavior and social adjustment. Keeping this in mind, the school organized a parent child activity session wherein parents enthusiastically involved themselves in a creative puzzle making activity with their ward.​

Visit to the Embassy of Denmark in India

As a part of leadership initiative and global outreach programme, the students of PP International School visited the Embassy of Denmark in India on Tuesday 4th November, 2014. The Chairman – Mr. Rahul Gupta along with the Vice Principal – Ms. Deepi Bector had an interactive session with his Excellency Mr. Freddy Svane the ambassador of the Embassy of Denmark, India to support the bilateral relationship between India and Denmark. They also discussed about the vast educational possibilities India has to offer on a global platform.

His Excellency Mr. Freddy Svane was also commemorated with a handcrafted painting made by the students of the school as a gesture of goodwill.

A Sparkling Grandeur

PP International school, Pitampura, organized a one-of-a-kind Laser show on 19th October, 2014 with great fervor and enthusiasm this year along with the scintillating and vivacious performances by the students of the school. The highlight of the event was Son et lumière, the Sound and Light Show with dazzling lasers, dynamic lighting and special effects creating a truly breathtak ing theatrical experience.

Grandparents Day

The contribution that a Grandparent makes in a child’s life is immeasurable. To celebrate and acknowledge the role of grandparents and the special relationship they share with their grandchildren, PP International School organized Grandparent’s Day Event at School on Friday 11 September, 2015 wherein Grandparents of the students of Nursery and Preparatory were invited as special guests to the school.

The celebration began with a welcome song sung by the students, at the end of which they gifted their grandparents a handmade flower pot. Different games were organized for them like Blindfold, Pass the parcel and share your experiences etc. The Grandparents were overwhelmed and shared heartwarming stories about their bonding with their Grandchildren.

The event was a huge success and encouraged the students to think about the value of the Grandparents in their life and encouraged them to say ‘thank you’ and spend time with their Grandparents. In the end a small souvenir was gifted to the all the Grandparents as a token of love and appreciation on behalf of the school.


Independence Day 2015

A special assembly was conducted on 13.08.15 on the occasion of 69th Independence Day of India. The event started with the Vice Principal’s address to the students and unfurling of the National Flag. Further the students of grade II presented a cultural show followed by a street play performed by the students of grade VI-X. The event concluded with a musical drama showcasing and sensitising our students towards the suffering and sacrifices made by our people towards attaining ‘Purna Swaraj’ – the independence of India.

Orientation Day (2015-16)

The Orientation Day programme at PP International school was held on 12th April 2015. The event was organised for the new admissions along with the present students and their parents.

The Chief Guest for the event was Ms. Jacqueline Fernandez, the very talented and endowed bollywood artist.

The maiden annual school magazine PPIS HUES was also launched on this occasion by Ms Jacqueline Fernandez and the honourable chairman of the school Mr. Rahul Gupta giving wings of expression to the young and budding talent of the school.

The inaugural performance by the students was the Ganesh Vandana followed by a scintillating laser show. The highlight of the event was the sand art performance by Mr. Manas Kumar Sahoo a well renowned sand artist who brilliantly showcased the vision and ideology of the school through his art form.

The event culminated with a majestic laser and beam show leaving the entire audience spellbound.

Fun Day

Mock Drill on Fire Safety

A presentation on Fire safety was organized at PP International School on 15th July, 2014. A film based on school fire safety and evacuation plan was shown to the students to create awareness amongst them about fire fighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situations.

School Founder’s Day (A visit to Kingdom of Dreams)

On the occasion of School Founder’s Day, a visit to Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon was organized by the school on 4th July, 2014. The day was celebrated with fervor, zest and enthusiasm. An extravaganza of activities was planned for the students who enjoyed the culture gully – an insight to Indian culture, having beautiful architecture of different states, their handicrafts, and mouthwatering cuisine.

Adventure Camp

Sports Day (2014-15)

Master Chef Auditions at PP International School


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