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Annual Function 2k17


Congratulations to the winners !!

The students of PP International School participated in PRIMUS (SPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP) organized by DAV Public School, Pushpanjali Enclave, Delhi. All the children participated enthusiastically and bagged various position in the competition.

Geek-a-Hertz 2017

Victory Cheers at PP International School!

Our students bagged II Position in the competition "Geek-a-Hertz 2017" organized by St. Marks Meera Bagh School. The students were required to edit, combine and/or create images and build a final composition which is to be submitted in jpg/png and psd formats for Prelim round. Our students cleared the prelim round and reached the finals. In the final round, the students competed with the 12 final teams and were provided the theme - "India tomorrow". The raw data were given in the form of pictures on the spot, and they have to create their own composition.

Halloween Day 2k17


Ramp walk by the pre-primary students

Window Viewer- Online Competition

The students of PP International School participated in AURA 2017, an Inter School Event (Window Viewer- Online Competition.) organized by MAHARAJA AGARSAIN PUBLIC SCHOOL, Ashok Vihar, Delhi. The theme of the event was "Sustainable Development". Keeping in mind the theme, students prepared an Audio Visual Narrative to promote awareness among our future generation about sustainable change. They explained the importance of parks and green surroundings in our neighborhood. Our students bagged III Position in this competition.

Education Trip to BhabhaAtomicResearchCentre




Diwali Celebrations 2K17








Education trip to France

The Expedition was designed to provide an incredible range of learning opportunities for students who have just begun to learn French. In addition there were plenty of cultural immersion, experience of staying with host families etc.

Teachers day 2017

Non Fire Cooking

A group activity of salad making was held in the class to promote healthy food-eating habits in students. It developed cooperation and team spirit and encourage them to eat more vegetables.

Monsoon Season 2017

"Monsoon Season"

Celebrating the onset of monsoon, the pre primary students of PP International School enjoyed preparing 3D umbrellas using printed sheets and decorative material.

Down come the rain drops SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH!

Let’s run for cover, DASH, DASH, DASH!

Pitter patter, pitter patter, DRIP, DRIP, DROP!

I’m under my umbrella till the raindrops STOP!


Pottery class improves children’s motor skills by giving them the chance to engage their arm and hand muscles. As they learn how to manipulate the clay, they will discover that their hands can be powerful tools. Meanwhile, their fine motor skills are getting better because working with clay requires hand-eye coordination.

Fishing Game 2017

Our Pre-primary students enjoying fishing game and spending some gala time with their peer group.

Fancy dress Competition 2017

Fancy dress Competition on the theme - Food was conducted in the school on 28th July 2017 wherein all the students of Nursery spoke on the food of different states of India.

CLUB DAY(Health and Awareness Club)

Rakhi 2017

Rakhi making activity by our Pre primary students !!

A bond of love...

A bond of togetherness..

A thread that binds our lives and hearts...


Students of PP International school- Asmi Bhatia and Tammana ?Singal? (Grade 9) bagged Second Position in -English Brochure Making Competition held at ?Maharaja Agrasain Model School. Our school competed with 45 other schools. The theme of the Brochure was 'Tourism'.

Congratulations to the winners on their success!

Janmashtami Celebrations 2017

Independence Day 2017

Speaking Skills Activity


English Literary week is the week full of fun and frolic. At P P International School the Literary week is celebrated with great enthusiasm and motivation to learn. This year there were various activities conducted on the account of the literary week between July 10, 2017, and July 15, 2017. Several motivating and inspiring activities were conducted to foster the love of literature and create awareness amongst the young minds. Activities ranged from dramatics, poetry recitation, extempore, debates, skits and interviews to speech representation, poet enactment, and jingles.

The event unanimously aimed at inculcating positive values in the hearts of the young pupils and lead us to create a holistic development of these brilliant thinkers.


Founder’s day at P P International School is marked as a day of tradition and history. July 4th, is the day of birth of P P International School and with it were born the vision of a bright and holistic education.The School believes “The need of the future is not speed but acceleration” and every year with this philosophy we step forward creating a strong connection between education and the real world.

The day was much filled with excitement. It started first with a choir of prayers during morning assembly. The students then represented their idea of school on a collage. The theme for collage was much aligned to the vision and mission of our school. Students were them taken to Gurudwara Nank Pio, where they learnt about the rich and glorious past of the holy place.

Latter in the day the students got a chance to know more about the founder and his philanthropic initiative. The day concluded with fine activities and appreciation to the school.

Mass Legal Literacy Campaign

As a part of the initiative taken by the Delhi State Legal Services Authority on May 1, 2017 (Monday), the school had organised a workshop on “Mass Legal Literacy Campaign” for classes VIII to XII by Ms. Susheel Bala Dagar, Ld. Metropolitan Magistrate, Mahila Court.

The session commenced with a welcome note given by Aashna Syal of Grade XII. To extend a warm welcome, Ms. Susheel Bala Dagar was presented a bouquet by Sahib Sawhney of Grade XII. The workshop aimed at creating awareness amongst the students of age group 15 to 18 (Classes 9th to 12th) regarding the ongoing initiatives of the Delhi State Legal Services Authority and the legal system of India.

Ms. Susheel Bala Dagar triggered the literacy campaign with an introduction on various topics like Fundamental Rights and Duties, Domestic Violence, Sexual Harassment, Eve Teasing, Child abuse (POCSO Act), Traffic Rules and 2013 amendment of Code of Criminal Procedure and how they can be prosecuted for engaging in sexual relations with a minor, concepts of good touch and bad touch and the meaning of consent etc.

Interaction with the students on legal issues involving the youth was done and special emphasis was placed on traffic laws, prevention of drug abuse and protection of children from sexual Assault.

The objective of the campaign was to make students aware of the various aspects of the Legal system in India. As a part of the campaign, the students were also given a set of questionnaire to gauge their understanding of the legal system. It included questions on legal issues, which students encounter on an a daily basis, encouraging teamwork as well as fostering a legal outlook towards common problems such as freedom of speech and its restrictions, breaking of traffic rules, female feticide and sexual offences. The students were also asked questions from the questionnaire verbally.

The students’ were very active and their participation was quite enthusiastic. They seemed quite eager to answer the questions; few students even raised their queries.This Legal Literacy Campaign aimed at sensitizing the very grass roots of the society, i.e. the students to educate them regarding the basics of Legal education and its significance.

The 4th Inter School Promotional Tennis Tournament

The students of Grade III, IV and V had participated in the 4th Inter School Promotional Tennis Tournament organized by Double Ace Sports on April 27 & 28, 2017 at DDA Sports Complex, Hari Nagar.

Amidst the tough competition from various schools participating from all over Delhi, the students of PP International School displayed an exemplary performance and bagged several medals (GOLD – 4, SILVER – 9, BRONZE – 2) for the school.


S.No.Name of the StudentsClassMedalsCategory
1.Atharv AroraIII BGoldU-8
2.Sahil SyalIII BGoldU-8
3.Riyansh DograIII BGoldU-8
4.Shourya KaushalIII BGoldU-8
5.Vedank VermaIII BSilverU-8
6.Krishank ChhokraIII ASilverU-8
7.Suhaan GuptaIII ASilverU-8
8.Ativ GoelIII ASilverU-8
9.Aarav GuptaIII ASilverU-8
10.Malay ShahII BSilverU-8
11.Arnav GuptaIV ASilverU-10
12.Hridyansh AroraIV BSilverU-10
13.Prisha ThukralV BSilverU-10
14.Ritvik SainiIV BBronzeU-10
15.Naisha KaurIII BBronzeU-8

Marsk8 Series Inter School Roller Skating Championship 2017

The students of PP International School performed exuberantly well in Marsk8 Series Inter School Roller Skating Championship 2017, organised by MARS on April 25 2017 at DDA Sports Complex, Paschim Vihar, Delhi. Out of 15 schools from all over Delhi who participated in the event, 6 brilliant skaters from our school bagged 11 medals (3 Gold, 6 Silver, 2 Bronze medals) in their respective categories.




“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

- Native American Proverb

We at P.P. International School, by conducting a series of event created the awareness among the young minds of our school. To instill a sense of responsibility to reduce pollution and to highlight our contribution to the deteriorated Mother Earth in modern age, a satire ‘Earth: Now and Then’ was performed by the students. ‘Best out of Waste’ competition facilitated our children to understand effective reuse and maximum utilization of resources with minimum wastage. The campaign culminated with Nature observation. The students collected samples from nature and created poetry to not only enhance their understanding but also sensitized themselves to what is called, ‘Nature Protection’. Among other activities, the students were encouraged to pen down their thoughts in the form of an Essay and speak on the topic ‘No Plastic Campaigns’. We collectively joined our hands to save nature by planting trees. The Students were encouraged to create brochures and posters by bringing their viewpoint on Saving Mother Earth. We constantly strive, every day, not only to bring our students closer to perfection but also sensitize them about their surroundings.

We believe, what Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘The good man is the friend of all living things’. Happy Earth Day!

Red Color Day Celebrations

Red Colour Day was celebrated on Thursday, 20 April 2017.Red is the warmest of all colours. It symbolises love, life and vitality. Red is also the colour of power and courage. Students and teachers came dressed in red colour clothes. The room was decorated with different red coloured objects.Students enjoyed the day by doing various activities like tearing and pasting in the picture of strawberry,rolling a red play dough,sorting red colour objects etc. They were also given apple bands as carryhomes. Students enjoyed all the activities and are now able to recognize the red colour.


There is no more anxiety-provoking day of the year than the first day of school. Armed with their brand new bags, books and stationery, the students entered the school on Monday, April 3, 2017 with a mixed feeling of excitement and anxiety.

The school corridors were decorated with bright and colourful cutouts of different cartoon characters and letters from LetterLand. Various activities were also organised to welcome the students on their first day of the school so that they feel welcomed into their new surroundings and classrooms.

The teachers were looking forward to meet their new students and they were as thrilled as the students were to be a part of the new class. For the purpose of to building trust and rapport, the teachers made sure that the students got enough time to talk or interact and become comfortable in their surroundings and move around freely and explore their classrooms.

Music can have a positive impact on children’s learning, including language and literacy skills like vocabulary, comprehension, listening, expression, as well as on social and emotional development, mathematics and pattern-recognition skills, and even ability to plan, guide, and self-regulate behavior. For this purpose, the MOZARTSY Workshop was organised by the school for the little ones to give them a first-hand feel of musical instruments, and allow them to absorb the sounds and relate them to the respective instruments! Listening, singing and rhythm concepts were taught to the students while they had fun exploring music.

The students were given sumptuous meals to make their first day even more memorable. It was a euphoric first day, well planned and brilliantly executed, that was followed by pure enjoyment and elated faces at the end.


The teachers of PP International School witnessed an enlightening, synergistic session at India Today School Summit 2017 organised by India Today group on Saturday, February 11, 2017 in Kamal Mahal at ITC Maurya, New Delhi.

The commencement of the session was done with the welcome speech given by Mr. Raj Chengappa, Editorial Director of India Today Group. He shared his views on the issues concerning present education system. Suceeding him in line was Hon'ble Union Minister of HRD, Mr. Prakash Javadekar who addressed the audience with his keynote speech on What Ails the system? - Problems, Reforms, Solutions.

The keynote speech was followed by a series of debates - Lessons to be Learnt - The Biggest Challenge, Studying through Apps - Riding High or personalised learning, Creating Global Classrooms, Preparing New Age leaders etc.

It encompassed inputs from eminent guest speakers from the Education and IT Industry, Press and Publications like Aakanksha Gulati, City Director, Delhi, Teach for India, Lisa Heydlauff, founder, Going to School
Suneel Galgotia, Chancellor, Galgotic University, Viplav Baxi, Director, Product & Digital Transformation, Oxford University Press, Meenakshi Gopinath, Educationist, former Principal, Lady Shri Ram College, Kiran Seth, Professor, IIT Delhi; Founder of SPIC MACAY, Suman Nand, Founder & Director, Epaathsala etc.

Through these debates some of the burning issues / concerns were raised amongst the dignitaries of the industry and attendees from various school. Few hot topics were present curriculum (Merits and Demerits), connecting real world situation with curriculum, Research on children Brain Development from 0 – 11 years, 21st century teaching skills, Using Mass Media, Online Worksheets and use of tabs, Digital learning and correct feedback, Content Planning, Future of E-learning, Merits and Demerits of E-learning, Customise apps for schools, Age limit for e-based learning, E-learning Hazards.

The chronology of events included a keynote speech by G Viswanathan, Founder & Chancellor, VIT University highlighting issues like Quality in education, Issues in Indian education system, Comparison between education system with other countries etc. The Summit was an enriching experience for the teaching faculty of the school and it helped them gain the insights into the latest reforms in the Education sector. This high intesity event focussed on accelerating innovation, technology and education and how the digital age has empowered children as agents of change.


PP International School organised a visit to Mughal Gardens for the tiny tots of Nursery and Preparatory on Friday, 10 February 2017 so that they can treat their eyes and enjoy the picturesque view of the Garden . Mughal Gardens are a group of gardens built by the Mughals in the Persian style of architecture which exudes serenity with distinctive breathtaking surroundings.

The students were elated to visit the Herbal Garden, Bonsai Garden, Rose garden, Spiritual garden and Bio-diversity Park within the Estate. They experienced a visual treat well manicured gardens, shady Banyan trees, bushes, vines and seasonal flowers. Roses were central to the fame of Mughal Gardens. The students delightfully beholded few of more than 250 celebrated varieties of roses, which make it one of the best Rose Gardens in the world.

They were awestruck to see the sunken butterfly garden that is a riot of different varieties of flowers with a beautiful round sunk fountain in the centre. The walls of the sunken masterpiece were adorned with bright orange hanging flowers. The fragrance in the air the freshness was captivating. The musical fountains also added to the beauty of the Gardens. The students were filled with merriment after their visit and they had a wonderful time.

2nd Pusa Roller Skating Championship 2017

The 2nd Pusa Roller Skating Championship 2017 was organised by Pusa Roller Skating Academy (PRSA) at Pusa Institute, Rajender Nagar, Delhi on 5th February 2017 (Sunday).
11 glistening skaters from our school participated in the event alon with 400 other participants from 25 schools from all over Delhi. The students performed exuberantly and bagged several awards in their respective categories.



Republic Day Celebration

The 68th Republic Day was celebrated in all its solemnity and grandeur at PP International School on 25th January 2017. A special assembly was held at school to mark the importance of the day.

The commencement of the assembly was done by the young ones with a Patriotic poem recited in harmony, reflecting OUR DUTIES towards our nation and the country. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity and gave a brief introduction about the Republic Day, which was further followed by an interactive session with the students in the form of a Quiz.

After that, a beautiful and encaptivating dance performance was given by the students of Grade III, IV and V depicting the feeling of patriotism which left everyone spellbound.

The students of grade VII presented a musical play titled “PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN” depicting the hardwork and achievements of the famous Indian personalities who have made our country proud such as Satya Nadela, Shiv Nadar, PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik, Sunder Pichai.

The prize distribution ceremony for felicitation of the winner of the National French Spell Bee Competition was held at the end of the assembly, which was the followed by hoisting of Flag and chanting of the National Anthem. The school echoed with patriotic fervor and to culminate the Republic Day celebrations on a colourful and patriotic note, the students were served delicious tricolored food reflecting the deep affection for the nation with the image of the fluttering tricolor in their minds.


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